Laser Cutting

The company offers the service of laser cutting of pieces from sheet material. The process is done by a powerful 2000 W laser of machines, using digital program operation. Random contour selection is obtainable as well as optimization of the cut. Sheet material proportions: 1200/2000 mm.

Range of cutting:

  1. from 0.5mm to 12mm for Steel 3
  2. stainless steel up to 10mm
  3. tool steel up to 10mm
  4. non-metal material up to 25mm

The engraving can be done on all types of material. It can be surface engraving or deep engraving according to the customer requirements. The customer projects and requests can be sent through the Internet after an initial contact with the respective company.

Methods of price-formation

The price of the laser cutting is formed on the basis of the length of the cut and the number of the cut contours.